In metal buildings, Cold-formed steel is often used to provide lateral support to the walls. Light gauge steel is typically used to make structural and non-structural wall and roof framing due to its high strength and its true, straight, and light weight characteristics.

Exterior Wall Applications – Steel wall framing sections are often used as the structural members in domestic and commercial buildings. This type of construction allows for many different types of cladding, giving freedom to design.

Interior Wall Applications – Steel wall framing sections are used in partition walls, shaft walls, ceilings and duct enclosures, and many other areas in the construction industry. Stud wall framing is a common wall system with studs that connect to the top and bottom plate (tracks); nogging is used to brace and provide a fixing point for wall sheeting. Steel framing sections are used for structural and non structural applications.

The Stud wall system can be used to:

  • carry the floor load (load bearing wall)
  • divide the partition space (partition wall)
  • resist the lateral load such as wind or seismic load (curtain wall)
  • provide lateral stability for the building (shear wall)

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